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58 reviews
  • Michael S. Hair·

    I just love coming here for Food Bank. There kind and caring people that help you out. Great Food selection.

  • Rene’ Peterson·

    First time and people were friendly and well organized! Thank you

  • Dora·

    These people always have a smile on their face no matter how hard they are working. Just want them to know their hard work is much appreciated. Thank you for helping so many families.

  • Jessica·

    the volunteers did great, and thank you thank you thank you. I was provided good quality food that will make at least 10 to 15 meals. I appreciate you

  • Armando·

    Thank you All, good bless you

  • LD Bokar·

    Volunteers are all pleasant.
    Food distribution is a big help to people like me who's handicapped. Thank you!

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